Our amazing features

Most training applications are just that. They are done for the athlete, usually a mediocre one and work only on set programs. The coaches have a very limited selection of software for their benefit - we aim to change it with Meisterfit.

All platforms

Use your favorite platform: Web, Android, iOS

Totally automatic

Data on training, exercises are processed automatically!

Everything organized

A huge exercise base is structured and ready at your service

Global Support

Ongoing monitoring of the athlete and chat with him

Always with your athlete

Wherever your athlete go your program will always be with them, in his pocket! Train outdoors, in the gym or at home, your always can be with them and monitor his status and progress!

Cross platform support

Support for the most popular mobile platforms - android and iOS

Offline mode

Work without an Internet connection, everything will be synchronized as soon as it appears.

Smart system

The App will adjust to your training results. See on the screen exactly what you need.

Continuous improvements

Seeing the results the coach can adjust the program that will be available to the athlete in real time.

Ready programs

Benefits of using

Having created the program once - it can be attached to any number of athletes!

Super fast

It is just as easy and fast to use to create programs than Excel and a printer. This has been our use case number one.

Ultra organized

Our athlete management is better than yours. Meisterfit includes a full chat functionality and a great dashboard for the coach.

Mega comfortable

Our app is so good the athletes want to use it, resulting in proper digital metrics for the coach.

We have many other amazing features and a development team releasing new things every week. The main purpose of Meisterfit is simple - to save time for Coaches, to help them serve more athletes better.

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Plans built for every one

The best thing is that is only costs $99 per month*, usually one hour of Coach time and half of the cost is saved on paper costs alone.

*Each athlete using the application costs another $0.80-2.50 per month, depending on the amount of athletes under coach or team. First 10 athletes are included in the normal monthly cost. Pricing examples above.

Our team

Meisterfit is actively developed by our team of dozen developers and designers.

Markus Sandelin

Meisterfit started when startup entrepreneur and software creator Markus Sandelin found himself out of shape and needing a personal trainer. He did not find one, instead he found a Coach.

Yunus Barisik

The Coach turned out to be one of the best in the sport. Yunus Barisik (CSCS), the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for a Espoo Blues and United, where he is responsible for designing and implementing off-ice training programs across several teams. He has trained hundreds of hockey players at the junior, college and pro levels, including Finnish top tier, U18 & U20 World Champions, NCAA D1 and NHL Draft Picks.